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Cool Ark T-shirt printing for everyone

Cool Ark T-shirt printing for everyone

The Right Way To Wear Big and Tall Men’s Clothes

Many years ago it used to be that XXXL or XXXXL sizes were called, big and tall men’s clothes. But now it's a little different because even an extra large size is considered big and tall. Well, what has been happening is clothes are being made for smaller people, so the sizes on the labels are normally smaller than they used to be. This is nothing new with women's clothes, but it is being seen more and more with men's T-shirt. One result you may already be seeing is more T-shirt stores stocking big and tall men’s clothes. Next we'll talk about how what you can do to find the T-shirt you need and hopefully some outstanding deals on them, as well.

It's really best to avoid "flowing" fabrics, but you want to find fabric that breathes. It might initially sound like a good idea to wear shirts that flow. These fabrics feel soft to the touch, and they do breathe very well. The thing about these fabrics is they tend to make you look much larger than you really are.

Fabrics that are cotton, or some kind of blend, will be better for you. The advantage here is these fabrics are more stiffer and will contain rather than show, plus they also breathe well. If you are particularly sensitive about your weight, you will want to choose T-shirt that holds in your weight instead of the opposite.

Have you thought about looking for your T-shirt online? Online stores offer a wide range of T-shirt styles and varieties that can be great, even if you don't always get the chance to try them on before you buy. Online T-shirt stores that cater to big and tall men's T-shirt are in the hundreds, so there's plenty to choose from. When you shop online, you can shop at your own pace without worry about pushy sales people, crowded stores, tiny change rooms or busy checkout queues. Most online retailers are very generous with their return policies, so you're able to return any unsatisfactory items for a refund easily.

When you're shopping for jackets, the single breasted lapels are best. These have a slimming effect and can look quite dashing no matter what size you wear.

When shopping for formal attire, always exercise caution, and if you can do it - get it tailored or even a custom fitted piece. These days, there's no reason ever why you can't find the clothes you need and look really good in them.

There's more than you realize to think about if you shop in the big and tall men’s category.

You need to think about how and where you shop, plus you'll see there are many available options. Think about it, in the past there were never so many options that you enjoy, today. There, you have tons of selections - get out there and start having some fun, and you'll be looking really great.

Here at Ark Industries, we provide customized printing, embroidery and customised design development services for companies and brands alike.
We are likewise the Asia Pacific distributor for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

T-Shirt Printing Singapore What is T-shirt Printing?

There are many ways to print on t-shirts. Depending on the complexity of your artwork, we will choose the most suitable approach to apply it onto t-shirts. Here at Ark Industries, we use 3 kinds of printing methods.
• Heat press printing

Our heat press printing produces outstanding outcome with high resolution and vibrant prints. Our heat transfer material has our complete quality control. Select from a vast array of colours and finishes for your prints, including matt, metallic, shine as well as 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vinyls.

• Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing makes use of a mesh to move ink onto a surface area, while a stencil obstructs particular areas to create a pattern. This technique can be utilized on a huge range of materials, with consistent, long-term outcomes. The heavy ink coverage made use of while doing so likewise means brighter, more vibrant colours.

• Sublimation printing

Used mainly for producing customised jerseys and tees, this method enables full coloured prints all over the fabric. The colour is completely taken in, meanings that it won't exfoliate, and offers the fabric a wonderful soft feel. On top of that, sublimation printing allows you to pick from a virtually endless colour palette, developing brighter and smoother colour variations.

T-Shirt Printing Considering that our launch in 2005, Ark Industries has earned a track record as one of the top embroidery and printing business in Singapore. Our objective is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, delivering distinct, quality products, on time, whenever.

Total Customisation
Our dedicated in-house design group allows us to create completely customised designs. We operate in close collaboration with our clients, combining a strong sense of aesthetics with technical expertise to turn their ideas into truth.

Impressive Customer Service
At Ark Industries we make use of just the greatest quality materials, imported all the method from Europe. Our embroidery threads are sourced from popular producer Madeira while for our prints we use TheMagicTouch, the world's leading image transfer paper system. Our items never ever fade and we provide a 100 % replacement assurance.

Uncompromising Quality
With 30 years of combined experience we have acquired valuable understanding into the needs of our consumers. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage fast turnarounds or distinct demands, supplying a service that is always friendly, responsive and extremely personalised.

Here at Ark Industries, we make use of 3 types of printing methods.
Our heat press printing produces outstanding outcome with high resolution and vibrant prints. Silkscreen printing utilizes a mesh to move ink onto a surface, while a stencil blocks particular areas to create a pattern. Sublimation printing allows you to pick from a practically limitless colour combination, creating brighter and smoother colour variations.

At Ark Industries we utilize only the greatest quality materials, imported all the way from Europe.

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