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Guide to getting the right T-shirt Printing by

Guide to getting the right T-shirt Printing by

Ways to Shop for Big and Tall Men's T-shirt Made Easy

There was once a stigma attached to buying clothes for big and tall men. The unspoken opinion by many people was that these shoppers were overweight or unpleasant, and that's why so many men avoided publically buying these clothes.

The good news is that social stigma is pretty much a thing of the past. You see, things have changed with regard to T-shirt sizes, what was once considered a "normal" size often falls into the "big and tall" category. This means that department stores and “normal” retailers are more likely to carry these T-shirt sizes, and that more designers are likely to design T-shirt for it as well. Here are some hints to help you look your best in big and tall men’s T-shirt.

When it's time to choose big and tall T-shirt colors, try to avoid anything with horizontal stripes. T-Shirt Printing For very tall, skinny men horizontal stripes can work well, but those people with larger frames might find vertical stripes or even no stripes at all would be better suited. Horizontal stripes can create an optical illusion that can make you seem much wider than you are. Vertical stripes can lengthen your torso but if you have a bigger belly, they can curve around the sides and give you a look not unlike that of a pregnant woman. Choose solid colors or different patterns for best effects. Choose T-shirt that is lower waisted. Pants cut with a high waist line aren't suitable for most body types, which could be a reason why they're not available much these days. Where possible, try to find pants that are mid-rise or sit a bit lower down on the hips. This can often make your torso appear longer. Select pants that will sit a bit under the line of your waist. If you have a bigger middle area, you will want to avoid very low rise pants because these will just give you the look of having a “muffin top” which is probably something that you want to avoid.

It's always a good idea to inspect the "On Sale" racks when you first go into a store. It's quite common for sizes that don't quickly sell to be placed on the sales racks. You see, the normal size clothes always sell at the regular prices, but the unusual sizes don't sell as fast - so onto the sales racks they go. So actually being a size that is not common can help you save money. So you see, there really are a number of different ways to find the big and tall men’s sizes. You are no longer required to shop at specialty stores that cater to people of your size. And with the vanity sizing, you may find yourself not a part of that size category, anymore. But also think that some sizes that were once called, normal, are now considered big and tall, so they'll be easier to find. But if you do a little brain-storming, you'll easily find your size.

Here at Ark Industries, we offer custom-made printing, embroidery and customised design advancement services for companies and brands alike.
We are also the Asia Pacific distributor for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

What is T-shirt Printing?

There are lots of ways to print on t-shirts. Depending on the complexity of your artwork, we will choose the most suitable method to use it onto t-shirts. Here at Ark Industries, we use 3 types of printing techniques.
• Heat press printing

Our heat press printing produces outstanding result with high resolution and lively prints. Our heat transfer material includes our full quality control. Pick from a large range of colours and finishes for your prints, consisting of matt, metallic, glitter as well as 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vinyls.

• Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing makes use of a mesh to move ink onto a surface area, while a stencil obstructs particular locations to develop a pattern. This technique can be used on a huge range of products, with consistent, long-term outcomes. The heavy ink coverage used in the process also implies brighter, more lively colours.

• Sublimation printing

Made use of mostly for developing personalised jerseys and tees, this method enables full coloured prints all over the fabric. Silkscreen Printing The colour is permanently soaked up, meanings that it won't flake off, and provides the fabric a great soft feel. On top of that, sublimation printing enables you to choose from a nearly endless colour combination, creating brighter and smoother colour variations.

Because our launch in 2005, Ark Industries has actually earned a track record as one of the top embroidery and printing business in Singapore. Our mission is to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients, delivering unique, quality items, on time, every time.

Full Customisation
Our devoted internal design group permits us to develop completely personalized designs. We operate in close partnership with our clients, combining a strong sense of aesthetic appeals with technical knowledge to turn their ideas into reality.

Impressive Customer Service
At Ark Industries we utilize just the highest quality materials, imported all the way from Europe. Our embroidery threads are sourced from popular manufacturer Madeira while for our prints we use TheMagicTouch, the world's leading image transfer paper system. Our products never fade and we provide a 100 % replacement guarantee.

Uncompromising Quality
With 30 years of combined experience we have acquired valuable understanding into the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage quick turnarounds or distinct requests, supplying a service that is constantly friendly, responsive and highly personalised.

Here at Ark Industries, we use 3 types of printing techniques.
Our heat press printing produces outstanding result with high resolution and vibrant prints. Silkscreen printing uses a mesh to move ink onto a surface, while a stencil blocks specific areas to produce a pattern. Sublimation printing permits you to pick from a practically endless colour scheme, producing brighter and smoother colour variations.

At Ark Industries we make use of just the greatest quality products, imported all the way from Europe.

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