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What UK Business School Should You Send Your Applications To?

What UK Business School Should You Send Your Applications To?

Finding where to get you MBA degree is a difficult decision to make. There are many factors to consider and you can’t always be confident of the payoff. Additionally, do not ignore the big tuition fees you will be paying. While online MBA degrees have popped up lately, they are still no alternative for the good old MBA with its case study technique and the ventures for networking it gives. If you’re in the UK, then you may consider yourself to be quite lucky as a dweller of one of the few countries that offers quite a plethora of choice. Whereas most countries may have a couple good business schools or none, the United Kingdom has a dozen or so. We’ve selected what we know to be the 3 top business universities in UK for you to take into account.

The London-based institution where Terence Burns had in times long gone been a lecturer is certainly a great place to think about. A graduating business majors salary can be envisioned to be quite big and the entry level jobs for business majors coming out of there are rather plentiful in their quantity. The school is quite known for being positioned in an old classical building, setting it quite apart from most schools of this sort which prefer completely new facilities. The school also comes with excellent options for international exchanges, with some 10 schools to choose from. Around thirty percent of students reap the benefits of this opportunity. You could be among them.

This business school is undeniably set apart by the excellence of its alumni. Looking at a listing, you will notice such figures such as Linda Jackson as well as dozens of other chief executives and chief financial officers. This alone already makes this school one of the top colleges for business administration. Continuously securing itself a top spot at the top 20 of the world, it might not shock you to learn that the selection process is quite selective, with just under a third of applicants being accepted. Since 2014, the school has been managing a secondary campus in London’s tallest building, which makes it a pretty awesome place to study.

Although this school is established in one of the most ancient universities in the UK it is actually one of the newest institutions. Founded by and named after Wafic Said, it has become one of the top business schools in UK for masters. Should you ever still catch yourself questioning is business a good degree, perhaps you ought to take a peek at some of the alumni from this university and give some thought to what they have done with their careers after graduating. Many have gone on to have really successful and pleasing careers, and you might as well. One benefit of studying in a newly established school is that all the facilities are still very new.

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Sunteți aici: AcasaWhat UK Business School Should You Send Your Applications To?
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